Market research


Market Research is essential for determining the industry your business intends to compete.  Industry information can be collected through asking experts in the industry, primary research, or by gathering statistical secondary sources on the economy such as a visit to Square One Saskatchewan’s business resource center.

Market Research
What’s important in your business plan?

Professional Market research is key in determining the Industry your business intends to compete in. The research will identify your target market, your customers, and the competition in the marketplace that your business will compete against directly and or indirectly for the same $ (Dollar).

We offer an uninfluenced analysis, so your final business plan will be as objective as it needs to be!
  • The Industry Overview – OK Consulting will prepare a strong Industry and Geographical analysis of the market that your business plans to enter.
  • Customer Analysis  – Knowing your customers, who your target market and what information is required on your target market. We can help you with secondary research that is available.
  • Competitor Analysis  – we provide an in-depth look at the competition, both direct and indirect competitors and provide an overview.

Is the market that you identified as your target large enough to sustain your business? What is your market share? Are there regulations that will impact how you do business?

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AT OK Consulting we know the importance of solid factual market research in a business plan, where to find that information and how to combine it into a concise market research plan.

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We have been pleased to have Dana involved at Square One since the beginning of our Expert Access Program . Her expertise in creating business plans has been a valuable contribution to the program and she has assisted many of our clients reach the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey.


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