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What is the Vision of your Business? What are your Business Goals? It’s important to start with goal setting, strong market research and financial plan estimates to reach your business plan goals.

All lenders and or investors will require a written business plan to finance your business idea.

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  • OK Consulting  knows the importance of a concise yet comprehensive written business plan with the focus on the key areas of Goal Setting, Market Research and Analysis, the Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, Management Plan and Financial Plan which includes determining the total project costs, preparing cash flows, the income statement and balance sheet.
  • Most clients hire us to compose a business plan for them. All business plans developed by OK Consulting are individually crafted to meet each specific situation or niche with strong market research and straightforward financial estimations.
  • Direct communication with the client through the business plan process is key. As a result most clients find that the process they go through to develop the business plan is as important as the final business plan document.
  • Our process: A Consultation via phone or zoom call where we discuss your business concept, an estimate is provided to develop the business plan based on the scope of the project, timeline and our deliverables.












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A Business plan should encompass all your ideas and thoughts about your business and should be based on factual information to help to determine if your concept is viable or not viable.



What our clients are saying about OK CONSULTING?

I attended a SREDA event that Opportunity Knocks Consulting was a part of and Dana was one of many consultants who chatted with me. The difference with Dana was that she had done her homework – she knew who I was, my business idea, and loved our long-term vision.
I immediately connected with her personable professional manner, her curiosity and strong listening skills, and her commitment to clients. Her consulting skills and abilities were significant; she articulated my ideas and showed their worth and potential on paper.
Creating a business plan with Dana was the first important investment I made for my business. She helped me take an “I have an idea” stage to a full-fledged operational business.
Dana helped build my confidence in understanding the research data on the target market, and potential growth and guided me on what to figure out, who to network with, and what questions to ask.
She also helped me with the follow through to make it happen. We launched two years ago in an 800 square feet location and are now expanding into 6000 square feet in 2023.


Robert (Bobby) DanielsPresident/CEO Misty Ventures Inc.

Opportunity Knocks Consulting has completed 4 business plans to date for our companies. These range from our parent company Misty Ventures to our solely owned entities. Another plan that was created is a Concrete company which we have a partnership agreement and was very complex. With organizations such as in our case it can become very complex and demanding. The most difficult plan Misty Ventures , I thought would be challenging for Dana, but no problem we got down to business and completed on schedule and on budget. In regards to the financial forecasting and modelling that Dana utilized was very easy to understand and transferable to various uses. I was very happy with the outcomes of all the business plans because they were detailed in a way that any questions asked will be within the documents and easy to locate. What was important and not repetitive was simply the validity we required. Misty Ventures would most definitely recommend and refer Dana to complete Business Plans for their companies.

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