Saskatchewan – based Opportunity Knocks Consulting provides high quality professionally written Business Plans to enable small to medium sized businesses to maximize their full business potential.
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A PROFESSIONAL Collaborative approach to your business needs!

Saskatchewan based Opportunity Knocks Consulting specializes in professionally written comprehensive Business plans: focused market research, marketing and management planning, operational planning guidance, financial forecasting, total project cost determination, optimizing your success at all stage of business and website development to create an online presence for your company with customized basic website.

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We Offer a range of Business Consulting Services

Business Plans
Financial Forecasting

The viability of your business concept

Market Research

Understanding your market /industry

Marketing Plans   

Creating a Budget & Branding Basics

Website Development   

Creating an online presence

Indigenous Entrepreneurs  

Business Opportunities

Optimization Planning

Taking a different lens to your business

Start improving your business

“CHANGE means Opportunity, SEIZE the opportunity.”

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Success Building

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Website Development

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What Businesses have to say about OK Consulting



Clay SparksCo-founder and Owner Breathe Cycle Studio

I have been involved in the creation of start up ventures in the past & I often tend to “dive in” and figure it out as we go!  Experience gives you insight into the common factors relating to either success or failure.  Preparing a business plan is a tremendous amount of upfront work; however it gives you a road map to follow & helps to lead you expediently towards success!

Dana Kadilak-Brick led us through the process of preparing a business plan for our exciting new venture, Breathe Cycle Studio.  The level of details required in the preparation & implementation of a business in the fitness industry is significant.  Dana was helpful, patient & thorough.  Our lenders & investors were very impressed with the level of detail in our plan & we are now fully funded & moving towards an exciting launch in early 2016.  There are ALWAYS bumps along the way…..a good plan helps minimize their frequency & intensity. Thanks Dana!

Breathe Cycle Studio

Robert (Bobby) DanielsPresident/CEO Misty Ventures Inc.

Opportunity Knocks Consulting has completed 4 business plans to date for our companies. These range from our parent company Misty Ventures to our solely owned entities. Another plan that was created is a Concrete company which we have a partnership agreement and was very complex. With organizations such as in our case it can become very complex and demanding. The most difficult plan Misty Ventures , I thought would be challenging for Dana, but no problem we got down to business and completed on schedule and on budget. In regards to the financial forecasting and modelling that Dana utilized was very easy to understand and transferable to various uses. I was very happy with the outcomes of all the business plans because they were detailed in a way that any questions asked will be within the documents and easy to locate. What was important and not repetitive was simply the validity we required. Misty Ventures would most definitely recommend and refer Dana to complete Business Plans for their companies.




“Entrepreurialism creates FREEDOM.

It’s the freedom to do what you want, when you want!” Unknown