Saskatchewan based Opportunity Knocks Consulting specializes in making sure all the puzzle pieces of your business are in place




OK Consulting believes in working closely with our clients through a collaborative process to provide a fully comprehensive business plan that is bank ready. The financial plan is a very vital part of the business planning puzzle.

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Market Research is essential for determining the industry your business intends to compete in. Industry information can be collected through asking experts in the industry, primary research, or by gathering statistical secondary sources on the economy such as a visit to SK Startup Institute

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OK Consulting will prepare a basic marketing plan to ensure you have an adequate budget for marketing your business effectively to create awareness of your products and or services

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Strategic Planning

Create the future direction for your business!
Let OK Consulting develop your Strategic Plan. We specialize in developing three- or five-year Strategic Plan.
Creating a Roadmap with a SWOT analysis, Strategic Priorities, Setting Goals and Objectives along with an implementation (working plan).

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OK Consulting will work with you through the business plan to develop a comprehensive business plan to work towards qualifying for equity and lending programs available for First Nations and Metis of Saskatchewan.

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You have realized a “dream” and your business is now in active mode.  The first step is complete with a business plan, but it can’t stop there.  Where is your business heading? Are you ready for the variabilities of your industry and the economy?  Are you staying on top of business growth changes? 

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